Pictures from our annual Christmas parade tours. Our dancers travel across the state of South Carolina spreading the magic and joy of Christmas through dance. The Patterson Dancers perform on a moving float, performing for a constantly changing  audience and bringing smiles to thousands of faces along the way.

Pictures from our annual end of the year Showcases. Our dancers perform in a Broadway-quality show complete with professional lighting and costuming. Our end of the year showcase not only shows off what your child has learned each year, but it is our final lesson and learning experience for the dancers. Our showcases teach your child to be a good performer and a good audience member.

The Patterson Dancers ALWAYS give a newsworthy performance!

The Patterson Dancers travel across the southeast performing in ballets and shows and at festivals, galas, and special events throughout the year.


Patterson School of Dance

Who said learning can't be fun? Our dancers have a great time training throughout the year in the studios!